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Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. is a prominent building contractor in East Africa - drawing over 65 years of experience in the Construction, Financing and developing major projects in Kenya. We are part of the Laxmanbhai Group of Companies which operate in Kenya, India and UK. We have a remarkable position within the East African construction and property market. We build, design, finance, develop, manage and own property assets.

Wherever we work, our Clients, Consultants value our trademark commitment to excellence, quality, innovation, sustainability and safety. We capitalize our full range of expertise and collaborate with both Clients and their investors to deliver successful projects that consistently set new benchmarks in the construction industry.

Our Values


To create, enhance and sustain the world’s natural, built and social environments. Committed to this undertaking, our company is driven by a clear set of Core Values, which defines who we are, what we do and how we do it that truly reflect the company’s philosophy.


Our goal is to not be limited to completion on time and on budget but we are committed to outperform - to exceed our Clients' expectations consistently. We hope to build long-term value for our customers, shareholders and employees, and for society at large.


The mission of Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. is to continue serving our clients and our community with an honest, reliable performance and a customer-first attitude. We are dedicated to the essential integrity of each job and to continue improving a full-service of quality construction since 1953.

ISO Approvals and Certifications

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Our services

Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. has a proven track record and capability to deliver end-to-end construction and property solutions across a broad range of sectors from Commercial, Residential, Health, Retail, Tourism & Leisure, Education, Government and Industrial.

Our highly skillful project teams can deliver superior knowledge about the latest trends in the construction industry through in-depth reporting and exploration. We critically appraise the impact of numerous economic and operational scenarios in the global and local construction market trends and deliver this to Clients and Consultants to assist them in controlling building costs and maximizing value for their money on projects.

Combine this market intelligence with the detailed knowledge of more than 65 years in the construction industry trend, experience record of our project teams and other experts within the business, gives you a winning combination. We have teams that understands and can address the present needs, but always has an eye on what's coming next so that the long-term requirements of our Clients are never compromised.

As a result we strive to be the No.1 Contractor by continuing to offer the levels of excellence that our Clients have always expected, and are committed to always being the Clients choice in the Construction industry.


Health & Safety is an inherent part of our corporate culture and fundamental to our everyday philosophy whether working in the office or out on our project sites. We are committed to creating an injury free, safe working and healthy lifestyle and ensure that not only our coworkers and employees get home safely to their families every day but also our Clients, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Construction partners.


We believe that the protection of the environment is an important element of our corporate culture and that no process is so important that we cannot find a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly and sound way of achieving it.

We take steps to decrease any impact as much as possible to the environment and community by coming up with solutions to reduce enviTronmental impact and always aims to perform our jobs in an environmentally friendly way.


Superior quality has always been at the heart of Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. which has set us apart since day one within the Kenyan market. Today, that culture has not changed. Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. still takes pride in itself on delivering unparalleled, high-quality workmanship and service and is determined to consistently exceed the expectations of not only our Clients and the industry in everything we do but also to push the Company's quality standards higher to international levels.


Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. is particularly devoted to giving back to the communities we live and work in. We dig in and get involved with the people and their issue which is driven by a social awareness and thoughtful planning and execution thus making our neighbourhoods safe. Giving back to the communities in which we work has been a long standing tradition with the Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd for the past 65 years.

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